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Cecilia Gonzalez – Ruedin | Thierry Ruedin


We are an international couple (Argentina-Switzerland) currently living in the Zurich area.

During our childhood we both learned the beautiful art of photography on various analogue cameras from our parents.

Cecilia studied photography from 2010 to 2011 in Buenos Aires, specialising in lightening and post-production together with renowned Argentinian photographer Guillermo Losio. Thereafter, Cecilia moved to Switzerland where she has been appointed for different freelance works from portraits for corporate use up to photographing at wedding ceremonies. 

Working as an event-manager for Zürich based event label ‘Flaming Monkey’, Thierry further developed his photography skills with available light. Specialized in the field of live photography, he has been appointed to different public and private events such as concerts and exhibitions.

At present, we are specialised in portraits for corporate or professional use, modelling and artistic photography. In addition, we offer photography services for weddings and live pictures. A full camera set with artificial light enhancement is available. During our leisure time, we like to shoot landscape and architectural subjects around the globe. 

We will be happy to provide you with more pictures and information as well as prices upon request.

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